Working on the road

Do you work on the road?
We still have a fair way to go before retirement and hitting the road long(er) term.
But I’ve already thought about what I can do when we do take off and dream about the day when we can actually do it.
There are some clever people out there already, we’ve seen hairdressers, jewellers, massage therapists, a lady sewing windcheaters to sell and of-course the knitters out there for a spare jumper or scarf.
Some follow markets others simply sell out the back of the van (all above board of-course Mr Taxman).

As technology moves forward there’s a need for computer boffins to fix wireless issues, mobile phone problems, laptops, basically anything that of-course couldn’t be human error.
LED Guy - Peter
A while ago we came across Peter and his partner Liz.

They have been on the road for nearly three years working in Silos when the season is right and I guess enjoying the off season when they can.

Peter was a fairly in intuitive guy with a satellite dish outside and solar panels up on top of their van, all the mod cons. About eighteen months ago he set up a side line making and selling 12 volt LED lighting products for caravans, motorhomes, cars and trucks.

12 volt is a big thing now, more appliances, lights and gadgets, most modern vans are fairly well equipped with interior and exterior 12 volt lights and it’s probably a good idea for a vintage make over with a modern twist.

Peter mentioned in some towns he would arrive, setup and start selling straight away, in others not a thing. So I guess in his case (and other’s) it’s creating something that could help fund your time on the road and have an interest as well.

I’m sure it also makes getting to know people on the road easier, a topic for conversation, share a beverage and learn a thing or two.

A simple search on the internet can find all sorts of other opportunities, school teachers or home tutors on a cattle station, care takers, roadhouse cook or front counter assistant, truck driver at harvest time, general maintenance or yardman.

I even saw positions available for in store Santa’s, crickey is it Christmas time already?

Then there’s volunteering or house sitting available all over Australia, the list goes on.

So there seems to be a bit out there, a simple search could find the start of a new beginning.

Or like Peter, have a go, start something yourself, you never end know where it’ll take you.

Happy travels.


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