Who needs 5 Stars ?????

C’mon city slickers, who needs 5 stars ?????

I reckon this is what hooked us on the great outdoors.

One of the joys of camping is the sound, just listen …………
If you are reading this is in suburbia then I suspect a car, a siren, a neighbour’s dog, a drill, something is in the background.
If you are camping, just stop reading and sit back for 30 seconds.
Let’s hope you’re not next to a river with speed boats or the bloke down the track hasn’t got his genie blasting away.
What I’m hoping you hear, is kids playing and laughing or birds chirping or the absolute sound of silence … absolute bliss … now, close your eyes, sit back and listen.

Welcome back.

 It was a long time ago and we were travelling from the Flinders Ranges, heading to Coober Pedy.

We always like to pull in somewhere before dark, however on this occasion, time was getting on, maybe we had spent to much time at the William Creek Pub admiring all the bits and pieces left behind by travellers that adorned the walls and ceiling (you must check it out).

We were travelling with another couple and at the time and both couples had tent trailers.
I always like to travel with another vehicle when outback, you never know what could go wrong in these parts and since then we also plan a bit better, make sure we are doing the right thing and camp in appropriate areas.

Anyway, it was getting dark and we had to stop, so we took a side track into the bush, pulled over, didn’t even unhitch the trailers, set the barby up and opened a bottle of red.

Our location … unknown
The silence I talked about before was overwhelming, almost creepy and strangely not many flies (in the Flinders we were inundated). Everything seemed louder, the sizzle of the barby and that beautiful glug noise as our beverage poured. We chatted for a while and then fell weirdly silent.
Four chairs all lined up, no lights or torches on, no noise, a very balmy night … perfect.
All of us had sat back in our chairs and gazed upwards. Absolutely awestruck, the sight is permanently etched in my mind. It felt like we could just reach up and touch the stars, there were millions, billions, zillions of stars, all shapes, all sizes, all brightness. We saw shooting stars and groups that we figured were galaxies, our minds wandered as we thought of life on other planets.
You could imagine being on the set of Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, except no Steven Spielberg and we had no aliens in sight (or did we?).
It was on of those moments that you had to pinch yourself to make sure you weren’t dreaming.
So to all those city slickers that have never ventured out of their comfort zones, get out there, before it’s too late.

Who needs 5 stars when you can experience so much more!

Here’s a few more starry starry night experiences, captured using a Canon 7D with long exposures.
Played around with different white balances and exposure lengths.

RView-rig-swan-hill-1  Image from Swan Hill in Vic
KatarapkoRView1000 Image from Katarapko Creek in SA
S_G_0087-lakeside Image from Lakeside in SA

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