When is enough, ENOUGH?

So … when is enough, ENOUGH?
I’m not talking about the government, the boss that demands more than is physically or mentally possible, the girlfriend (or boyfriend) that want’s to turn you into them, the tap that just drips, drips, drips or that neighbour that plays doof doof music all night long.

I’m talking about camping and caravanning and all that stuff that just piles up.
Now don’t get me wrong, gadgets are gooood

Let me take you through my camping stages of life.
1: A sleeping bag, a torch, an esky, a small cooker, a can of spaghetti, an opener, a bowl and fork.
2: A swag … add the above.

3: A tent … add a table, chairs, a bigger cooker or bbq, a kettle, more pots and pans, some lights.
4: A tent trailer … add the portable dunny, the shower tent (and shower), extra poles and big boxes to keep everything in and a larger esky, then a camping fridge and extra gas bottle.
All these things are just fine as long as you keep them under control.

Then comes (drum roll please)…….. A caravan.
Back to my question, when is enough, ENOUGH?
It’s a home away from home and first thing you do is buy all the good stuff, even take glass wine glasses (would they still be glasses if made of plastic?), stacked loosely in a cupboard, just waiting for the first spoon drain.
You take a full set of dinner plates and pots and pans, you get extra chairs and get the biggest table you can find. You make the van pretty, adding a few ornaments here and there.
You have to have extra this and extra that, just in case of emergencies or maybe impress the Smith’s next door.  Before you know it you have added so much stuff your van isn’t balanced correctly and the extra weight makes is illegal to tow, not to mention it is extremely dangerous.

So let me help … THIS IS A HOLIDAY
If anyone drops in, they can bring there own stuff (and tell them).
You only need a couple of chairs and a small table, that’s why rugs and laps were created.
I read somewhere that if you place 3 of those paper red dot thingies on everything inside your van and every time you use it, you remove one. After a year if the object still has 3 dots, or even consider 2 dots, you remove it, you don’t need it.  Of-course that could be a problem if you had to wash the object with paper dots, but you get my drift.

We have culled drastically since we first bought our van and it just seems easier and less cluttered.
I do admit we do like drinking from glass, so we do have 4 wine glasses and a couple for scotch on board (just in case), these are placed upside down in stubby holders for safe travelling.
Times have changed and appliance are getting better, lighter and can be used for a variety of uses.

Enough is ENOUGH, revolt against clutter and make your camping life easier.


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