The need for speed?

Is there the need for speed?
It appears that a lot of people think it’s fine to tow a van at the same speed as when not towing.
Some people are over cautious and keep well below the limit and could cause people behind to want to overtake in dangerous situations.
In this case pull over occasionally, let others make good use of overtaking lanes.

I also heard once, that as a rule of thumb keep 10kph below the sign posted limit when towing.
It’s common sense to me, if your adding a huge weight on the back, take it easy, you’re going on holidays, relax.
I’ve also noticed that the faster you go the more fuel you’ll use, so I generally stick to a towing speed of around 90kph, never faster than 100kph. Be aware of road and wind conditions, caravan sway, on-coming traffic and the build up behind.
You don’t own the road, it’s there to share, drive sensible and drive safe.

Open road speed limit – Normal open road speed limit is 100km/h unless sign posted otherwise.Speed-limit

South Australia, Victoria, NSW, Queensland, Victoria & ACT – Normal sign posted speed limits apply.

Tasmania – 90km/h when towing a caravan or trailer.

Western Australia – 100 km/h when towing a caravan or trailer..

Northern Territory – Safe speed for open road  conditions / sign posted.

Apparently some vehicle manufacturers place speed restrictions on their vehicles when pulling a certain mass.
So do your homework before a purchase or sit back and read your owners manual.
Size and weight restrictions could also apply, particularly on braked vehicles. 

Foot note: After writing this it was announced that there will be a 12 month test period for no set speed limit between the Northern Territory towns of Alice Springs and Barrow Creek. No apologies … I reckon this is ridiculous, and the question of why it was restricted initially has to be asked. Apparently the section of road is already being used as a race track for high performance vehicles.  A controlled track is the right place to test speed, I have absolutely nothing against that … just not on the open road!


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