Experiencing weight problems?

Who’s experiencing weight problems?

Your back end sways uncontrollably, your front end is on the heavy side and you have a few extra kilo’s that don’t need to be there.
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Suspension tips for vehicles and caravans.

Here’s some suspension tips for vehicles and caravans.

G’day, Chris here.

I have the honour of belting out a few words on technical stuff for RView, and I’m certainly pleased to be part of Andrew’s vision of helping our fellow travellers get the most out of their touring plans.

First up I’m covering suspension, more so an overview to start with because it’s one of the biggest issues we see from all types and modes of touring. Be it car or 4WD, towing a van or steering a motorhome, we load them up with every conceivable accessory and convenience, and then wonder why we’ve turned our normal everyday pleasurable drive into a shopping cart with a square wheel.
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