Happy Snapper – The Best Camera

What is the best camera to use when on holidays?

My day job involves video production for commercials and corporate videos, something I’ve been doing for over forty years. From the dim dark ages of huge black and white studio cameras shooting Romper Room, to today using the latest DSLR camera equipment for commercial and corporate production.

About twenty seven years ago, I made the big mistake of taking a huge stills kit (film) on our first family overseas holiday to Fiji, with lot’s of lenses and filters I took some great shots, but spent more time concentrating on scenery, sunsets and settings than I did on loving the serenity … never again! I usually don’t take a video camera on holidays, for the same reason.

Lesson learnt and from then on we’ve had a variety of little point and shoot style cameras that easily fit into a pocket.
There’s heaps of brands out there that take good quality pictures with not a lot of photographic expertise. Canon, Sony and Fuji have good options at reasonable prices.

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