The Shocking Truth

Shocking Truth!
Captured in a rare moment with their guard down, the shock absorber fraternity have been found to be lying to us 4WDers the whole time – they don’t absorb shocks at all – Shocking!

That’s right, its been a sneaky game they have been playing with us, suggesting they are doing all the toil of hard working springs when really they’ve just been riding the waves and soaking up all the glory – Shocking!

So here’s the real (Shocking) story from an insider who has spent many years among these bits and pieces and is ready to tell all on how it really works. Continue reading


4WD / Communications

G’Day, Chris here again.

I’m under pressure here folks. Here I am writing about communications and radios and broadcast range, just as we’re about to launch our very own live Radio chat show on everything 4WD, Caravan and Camping. I better polish up the vocal chords.

Fortunately for the everyday person wandering about this great land, you don’t need to be too concerned about voices and volume and the like, digital technology is taking care of all that.

But before we get too deep into technology, let’s look at some basic on-land communication options and what may suit you best. Continue reading


Pedal Power

My Best Advice – Don’t Buy This!!

G’Day, Chris here again.

It’s not often I’ll tell some-one to not buy an accessory for their 4WD, hey its what we do and it’s fun setting up your tourer with some of the latest gadgets. But there are some product offers that will just leave an empty feeling in your wallet and senses, consider ‘Pedal Power’.

Throttle position upgrades are one, either via ECU re-mapping and/or plug-in devices.

They’re a waste of money and a sham if I may say so. With many years of experience and qualifications in electrical and electronic fields to support my argument, please allow me to explain. Continue reading


Aching Joints?

Tired of Aching Joints?

No I’m not here to espouse the benefits of Fish Oil, Kelp Oil or any other snake oil, but to offer the good oil on checking out your crucial joints around your vehicle.

Why? Because they are a consumable wear item like any other moving mechanical part.

But so often they get forgotten or dismissed unseen, because we’ve seen 20 year plus vehicles with original bushes still, however many people are surprised how effective a change or upgrade can be. Continue reading


Vehicle Servicing

G’day, Chris here again.

I get asked often about vehicle maintenance and servicing, a lot in fact. It is obviously an important topic, and has even been in the news of late regarding information dissemination. So I thought I’d just touch on a few elements without getting too deep.

First up, well of course servicing and maintain your vehicle is important. It keeps it in ideal condition, especially when travelling our vast outback. I think we can all agree with that.

New vehicles have a set service program attached to the warranty, but is it enough? Continue reading


Towing in Overdrive – ON or OFF ?

I’ve noticed a lot of people on social media ask whether it’s better to keep in overdrive when towing or drop back a gear.  I drive an automatic and drive to conditions.
 I usually keep overdrive on when on the flat however I drop back on hills and turns and always when going down hill, letting the gears slow me down.

I raised this subject with Chris Blakemore … here’s his reply. Continue reading


Batteries & Systems

UK-OZG’day, Chris here again.

This month I am tapping out a few words between running around and prepping a number of vehicles in readiness for a crossing of the Simpson Desert with numerous guests from overseas. 

A considerable challenge has been the setting up of vehicles with sufficient fridge space and systems to keep them ticking along nicely so we don’t leave our dozen UK guests with warm beer or limp snags.

Crucial to reliability of a cold fridge is the essentially battery power to run it for days on end in the desert heat. And this is where for many people it now becomes quite confusing. Yet it needn’t be. The wonderful web has given us so much with regards to the quick access to volumes of information, but also means that flood of information and opinions can lead to confusion or simply being misled by ‘experts’ wishing to impress the less technically knowledgeable with lots of jargon.

So I figured with this opportunity at hand I’d try and simplify some of the dark art of battery systems.

Continue reading