Social Media – On The Road

Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google +, etc.
I’m 58, am I supposed to know about all this stuff?

SOCIAL-MEDIA“Bah, humbug” some might say,
“I don’t want to know what people had for lunch”,
“so what if he is at …… with ……. “,
“can they really post that photo?”.

You know what, I agree some people go over the top, but similar to TV self censorship, you don’t have to subscribe or look at anything you don’t want too, other than this blog of-course.

I joined Facebook to stay in touch with local and interstate relatives and acquaintances, sharing moments that we don’t normally, since then I’ve found lot’s of old friends and long lost cousins, made new friends and gained a lot of knowledge.
It is for this reason that I think ‘social media’ is perfect for people on the road, in fact for anyone contemplating a trip, perhaps a sole first time traveller wanting some help, or searching for reviews on places or particular items. Continue reading