Interested to see the most popular tow vehicle around so I conducted a poll.
With the help of Facebook group ‘Everything Caravan & Camping’, we had had 3,037 votes submitted over 2 days. This wasn’t to have a competition between new v old or 4WD v non-4WD, more to gauge the most used manufacturer. A surprise or not, Toyota Land Cruiser was the winner, however everyone is different and has different budgets and towing needs.

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Is your heart in it?

This might be strange for a caravan and camping based blog but … I recently had a heart attack.
Bear with me I’ll get to the RV bit in a minute, won’t be long, so please keep reading!
In brief … Easter Saturday, my wife’s birthday, heart attack, not good timing, ambulance, hospital, stent placed in block artery, out, pills, recovery, a new me, feel great.

Here’s the RV bit …
I started thinking about the what ifs? … what if we were caravanning as we normally do at this time of year, what if we couldn’t get to a hospital, what if I’d ignored the warning signs, what do I do now?
Well let’s go through them …
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Camping in Winter

I remember when we took our first tent trailer to Katarapko Creek just off the River Murray in South Australia.
It was a June long weekend and it was ffffreeeeezing!

Unintentionally we left a cup of water out overnight, it was frozen when we got up in the morning.

Why did we bother going at that time of year and why do we still bother?

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Happy Hour – A camping ritual of some kind?

Happy Hour – how long does it last?

Day one of a ten day stay at a Swan Hill caravan park started quite nicely.

As we pull up, out comes our next door vanner Barry, soon to be joined by Kathy, then on the other side another new arrival, Dianne and Reg.

We setup camp then checked out the local shopping precinct and purchased supplies before making our way back to camp to sit back and relax.

Then as the clock ticks over to 4.30pm something happens, everyone seems to be holding a drink of some description either lazing around in a comfy camp chair or preparing the bbq for an evening cook up.

Now I don’t know if this a magical, mystical, camping hour ritual of some kind, but soon we had all gathered under the one awning enjoying each others company. Continue reading


Caravan & Camping 2015 – Be Prepared

Happy New Year to everyone and hopefully some top caravan and camping trips planned for 2015.

But are you prepared for an emergency?

Unfortunately the start of the new year hasn’t been that happy for some people with horrible fires in South Australia and Victoria.
Our thoughts are with everyone that has been affected by these fires and of-course the men and women that risk their own lives as they fight fires.
This disaster has made me think about caravan and camping set-ups and preparation or evacuation plan in an emergency. Continue reading


Working on the road

Do you work on the road?
We still have a fair way to go before retirement and hitting the road long(er) term.
But I’ve already thought about what I can do when we do take off and dream about the day when we can actually do it.
There are some clever people out there already, we’ve seen hairdressers, jewellers, massage therapists, a lady sewing windcheaters to sell and of-course the knitters out there for a spare jumper or scarf.
Some follow markets others simply sell out the back of the van (all above board of-course Mr Taxman).

As technology moves forward there’s a need for computer boffins to fix wireless issues, mobile phone problems, laptops, basically anything that of-course couldn’t be human error. Continue reading

Camping Check List

Camping Check Lists

Camping check lists, a waste of time or extremely useful … what do you think?
I always used to smile at our son’s habit of writing lists, through schools and then in business.
He’s still doing it and rarely forgets things.
I smiled until one day, early in our caravanning days, when we forgot to take the hand brake off our van and drove for a short distance wondering what was wrong with the car. Continue reading


Top Spot – Lakeside in SA

Shh, keep this a secret, we have found a top spot – Lakeside in SA
I’ve got a problem … I want to tell you about a hidden gem, but don’t want this location filled with every Tom, Dick and Andrew, so if I let on, you’ll have to keep it between the two of us … OK. About 30km out of Mannum in South Australia is Lakeside, signs need a bit of repair and chances are you’ll miss the gate, but it’s worth finding. Lindsay the 70+ year-old owner potters around (in between having a chat) keeping the pristine lawn in top-notch condition (we hardly wore shoes). (Off the Purnong road from Mannum to Purnong Landing at Caurnamont). Continue reading