RV Weights Explained

RView-WEIGHTS-SmallWe created this graphic based explanation of RV Weights.
It has been downloaded thousands of times and used on numerous web sites.
Thought you’d like an update to include GVM, Tow Ball Weight and Payload.

Hope it helps and feel free to share.

Click here or on the image alongside for a larger version


Sand Recovery FNB4WD - RView

Recovery – Safety – Common Sense

G’day, Chris here again.

Recovery ‘experts’ need not read further.

But for those interested in recovery of your vehicle from a bad situation, I figured I’d run a few ideas past you. It probably should be regarded as a topic on safety because that is what its really all about.
Recovery of your 4WD or any other vehicle, camper, van etc, is about how to safely rescue such from a sticky situation, be it lack of forward mobility or otherwise.

I hammer this issue of safety home until people’s ears start to bleed.

There is no excuse for increasing the danger to people or unwarranted damage to vehicles. Continue reading


Towing in Overdrive – ON or OFF ?

I’ve noticed a lot of people on social media ask whether it’s better to keep in overdrive when towing or drop back a gear.  I drive an automatic and drive to conditions.
 I usually keep overdrive on when on the flat however I drop back on hills and turns and always when going down hill, letting the gears slow me down.

I raised this subject with Chris Blakemore … here’s his reply. Continue reading


Caravan or Motorhome?

Time to compare … caravan or motorhome?
Thanks to the Grey Nomads and Maui, earlier in the year we had the privilege of touring Phillip Island and the Mornington Peninsula (top spots) in a Maui motorhome. Pre-trip, we checked in online, a great advantage, all paperwork sorted and there was a variety of videos to view on-line prior to the trip, they also supply a terrific vehicle overview and familiarization on pick-up. We took the Maui Platinum River that way we could have the rear double bed and our dining area setup permanently. Initially I thought the motorhome seemed huge and for the first hour or so I was super conscious of it’s height (3.25m), and width (2.82m), although the length (7.7m) didn’t bother me that much, I soon got used to it. In reality it’s way shorter than my 4WD and caravan combined, and not much wider. Continue reading