Batteries & Systems

UK-OZG’day, Chris here again.

This month I am tapping out a few words between running around and prepping a number of vehicles in readiness for a crossing of the Simpson Desert with numerous guests from overseas. 

A considerable challenge has been the setting up of vehicles with sufficient fridge space and systems to keep them ticking along nicely so we don’t leave our dozen UK guests with warm beer or limp snags.

Crucial to reliability of a cold fridge is the essentially battery power to run it for days on end in the desert heat. And this is where for many people it now becomes quite confusing. Yet it needn’t be. The wonderful web has given us so much with regards to the quick access to volumes of information, but also means that flood of information and opinions can lead to confusion or simply being misled by ‘experts’ wishing to impress the less technically knowledgeable with lots of jargon.

So I figured with this opportunity at hand I’d try and simplify some of the dark art of battery systems.

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