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Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google +, etc.
I’m 58, am I supposed to know about all this stuff?

SOCIAL-MEDIA“Bah, humbug” some might say,
“I don’t want to know what people had for lunch”,
“so what if he is at …… with ……. “,
“can they really post that photo?”.

You know what, I agree some people go over the top, but similar to TV self censorship, you don’t have to subscribe or look at anything you don’t want too, other than this blog of-course.

I joined Facebook to stay in touch with local and interstate relatives and acquaintances, sharing moments that we don’t normally, since then I’ve found lot’s of old friends and long lost cousins, made new friends and gained a lot of knowledge.
It is for this reason that I think ‘social media’ is perfect for people on the road, in fact for anyone contemplating a trip, perhaps a sole first time traveller wanting some help, or searching for reviews on places or particular items.

Do you want some second hand camping equipment or reports on new gear?
Well other than heading straight to a store (FNB-4WD & Snowys in Adelaide) for first hand guidance, use social media to get some info.

social-iconsI have joined plenty of groups, including international RV groups.
We share all sorts of facts, handy hints and techniques and I always smile when someone says “this might be a silly question but”, fact is, there is no such thing as a silly question, we all have to start somewhere and social media is the perfect place.
Add to that the amount of apps (applications) available for mobile phones and tablets today.
Maps, satellite positions, local loos, camping spots, caravan parks, fuel prices and availability to name a few.

But … please be careful.

Be careful of what you say, don’t ever use images that you don’t want seen by anyone else other than the intended recipient and remember friends of friends can often gain access to your info, if it’s on the net, it’s everywhere.
Another word of warning, it is reported that Facebook’s Messenger App will be able to access your info, contacts and a whole lot of mobile phone data you send, even send requests on your behalf. You actually agree to this under the terms and conditions that no one ever reads when installing the app.
See how easy it is for people like me to supply information, did I make it up, am I right or is this just another report gone wrong? Check it out for yourself, read what you are signing up for or simply don’t install a programme you haven’t researched. If you have any suspicion your privacy is being compromised, delete.

But wait there’s more …
Recently there was a huge social media commentary about caravan and trailer shackles not being up to Australian standards and correct weight load limit. Apparently in Queensland, people have been issued with fines. Police in the area have refuted this claim as a social media Chinese whisper, however warned correct standards should be adhered to for everyone’s safety (it is advised that the limit of the shackle is rated at least 1.5 times greater than the ATM of the trailer). This is an example of what seems an unsubstantiated social media report that exploded, but it made people check their shackles and probably up graded, we live in a safer world.

So, is social media for you, maybe not, personally I’m up for it, but I’m not addicted (I just check regularly) and remember with everything ‘mobile’, there are times and places for everything.

As I read on one post, you can stop and read, or roll and scroll … I like that!
And then there’s … oh sorry! I just got poked, tweeted, messaged … whatever it’s called.
#the world needs me, insert smiley face, lol.

Cheers, Andrew Kennedy

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