Travel Cost Calculator

Travel Cost Calculator RViewWe’ve created a simple caravan and camping trip cost calculator.
An excel spreadsheet that can open in a variety of spreadsheet apps to help
you calculate fuel, accommodation, food and general expenses. 

Click on the link below to download and don’t forget to save after each entry.

RView Travel Cost Calculator

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  1. Hi there, I love the calculator, we have used it for every part of our recent 2 1/2 month trip up the WA coast, across the Top End, down the middle and home via the Nullarbor and Kalgoorlie. I have just one question, the first entry won’t allow me to put in 0 kilometers travelled when I put in the fuel purchased on our start date. This causes and error in the result at the end for ltr/100km. Any suggestions?


  2. Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for the comment and the query.
    I had a look and filled in a blank spreadsheet with some made up figures (jpg attached).
    We first created it to be updated at at the first fill of your journey, with some kilometres travelled.
    Only fill in the white cells, not the shaded ones.
    I’ll run it by my Excel ‘guru’ but reckon he’ll tell me similar.
    Regards, Andrew Kennedy

    Perfect, I have it now thank you. I was using the spreadsheet on my iPad in Google Sheets and the grey cells weren’t showing, so I didn’t pick up that this first line has a white cell in the first km travelled. Brilliant spreadsheet. I’ve told so many about it.
    Thanks for making our holiday easier, we could see where our money was going.
    Cheers, Jenny

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