Raise The Wave

C’mon … Let’s Raise The Wave.
Yes we admit it, on those not so interesting journeys we often resort to ‘the wave’.

We’ve tried the full hand wave, the two finger raise (peace to you), even the single finger move (the polite one) and sometimes the passenger waves both hands. The good news is that about 80% of caravaners usually return a wave, provided your driving a van as well; guess the other 20% don’t understand true Aussie RV etiquette.

Interestingly on Kangaroo Island just about everyone waves, very friendly island that.
The hireable motorhome brigade don’t seem to wave to caravaners, we’ll assume they aren’t just snobs but are new to the country and just haven’t been told.
Is it right that both passenger and driver wave (must be a really boring stretch of road)? Maybe we should even wave into the mirror, just in case they missed the first one.

Then of-course the good old thumbs up must rate, but I generally do this when I encounter the same vehicle as mine or I like the look of an on coming rig or pimped up tow vehicle.
We could even get carried away as we pull into camp and raise the hand in a drinking motion to indicate we need a drink and happy hour is near.
OK … we are selective, we usually only wave to caravaners, but I reckon it’s time change.
Keep the kids happy and play the game, wave to red cars, or yellow, or blue … whatever.
Mix it up and confuse people, break the barriers and wave to motorhomes or camper trailers or even the lonely truck driver.

Swap the wave and see what get’s the best result.
C’mon … Let’s raise the wave!
We’re interested in wave technique, any helpful hints and what’s your return rate?

Obviously make sure you have full control of your vehicle and it’s safe to wave. 

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