How to back a caravan.

Backing a caravan get’s easier after time, so practice makes perfect and remember to keep calm and take your time.
Don’t make any fast moves or over correct, take it easy. If you are by yourself and need a hand, just ask another camper or the caravan park staff, we’ve all been through this and understand.

Hand position preference is a personal choice, some might prefer the natural driving position of 10-o’clock & 2-oclock, others prefer to have hands on the bottom of the steering wheel. Each of these positions have a different effect on the direction of your van. Do whatever feels comfortable to you, but make sure your spotter knows your method, because they can give you audible directions, ‘left hand up’ etc.



The use of a hand held radio could also help and remember to make sure you and your observer have a view of each other at all times, even if you have a reversing camera. If you lose sight of your observer, stop and do nothing, they will soon come around to check, advise them (nicely) that they had disappeared, they’ll soon learn the importance of their role.



Hope this helps … 

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