Happy Hour – A camping ritual of some kind?

Happy Hour – how long does it last?

Day one of a ten day stay at a Swan Hill caravan park started quite nicely.

As we pull up, out comes our next door vanner Barry, soon to be joined by Kathy, then on the other side another new arrival, Dianne and Reg.

We setup camp then checked out the local shopping precinct and purchased supplies before making our way back to camp to sit back and relax.

Then as the clock ticks over to 4.30pm something happens, everyone seems to be holding a drink of some description either lazing around in a comfy camp chair or preparing the bbq for an evening cook up.

Now I don’t know if this a magical, mystical, camping hour ritual of some kind, but soon we had all gathered under the one awning enjoying each others company.

potato-166840_640Each bringing their beverage of choice and a small contribution, chips, nuts, cheese and biscuits.

Discussion usually starts with “nice rig” or “how long have you been on the road?”.

The best part is we really didn’t go down the road of “what do you do for a living?”, well at least not straight away.
Day one was probably a bit more than an hour!

We were all soon new best friends, sharing information, holiday stories and home addresses.

The next night we get the ‘nod’ from Dianne next door, their turn, more nibbles and a variety of drinks consumed. neon-170182_640
This time we’re joined by another couple from nearby, the conversation covers all sorts of topics, from home brew (love this idea) to politics (something I usually like to steer clear of when on holidays). Lot’s of laughs and a great time had by all and the ‘hour’ grew longer!

So here’s the thing … every night x ten x drinking + eating + laughing … is this healthy?

Well some reports say a glass of wine a day is OK.

The nibbles included carrot and celery sticks, that must be good.

Laughter releases the inner you, being happy is a release of some sort isn’t it?

Everything in moderation they say, I think when you are on holidays, this must include moderation as well.

How long does happy hour last?   In this case … 10 great days.

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