Coffee Snob

I’m a coffee snob, and I’m trapped (or is the word addicted), there I’ve said it!
Coffee anonymous will be happy with me.
As tourers, caravaners or campers, there are many traps you can fall into.

coffee image-2 thumbnailGoing to every bakery in town, delicious, but not good for the waist or perhaps eating a BBQ every night,
once again delicious, but snags and chops every night, we want variety!
Well I’m afraid my wife and I like to grab a coffee when we stop, not only for the obvious caffeine fix and assistance it might have on those long trips (this is where we should put the everything in moderation disclaimer), but we actually enjoy a good coffee.
We have recently spent a week on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria (that’s another blog) and we both agree we were consistently served some of the best coffee around.
The Ally Espresso or Café Jett in Dromana, Stringers in Sorrento to name a few.
It’s all about quality not quantity (my life story).
I really don’t like a truck stop, roadhouse or cafe when they think that it’s better to serve a long black in a coffee mug … wrong.
Fast food joints, fill the container up all the way, and throw a lid on, so when you want to add sugar, coffee goes everywhere … wrong.
Temperatures are set to high and the coffee becomes bitter … wrong.
More attention is sometimes placed on the pretty ‘coffee art’ than the taste itself … wrong.
C’mon Australia live up to our multicultural lifestyle and please get it right.
At home we have a coffee machine, we like the ritual of grinding the beans fresh, hearing the noise of the machine churn away as it produces a beautiful crème and then savouring the taste … fantastic!
In our van we have a famous capsule coffee maker, primarily to save on space, there is some great blends available and it does a wonderful job, but we need a powered site or a generator to run it.
So what about camping, what do you do, resort to an instant blend (which one), and what about a cappuccino?
Please, please let me know! Our current choice … a plunger and it does the job (however not the same and no froth).
We also have added a campfire coffee percolator or compact espresso maker to our wish list from Snowys.

Maybe it’s time to go to billy tea!


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