Caravan or Motorhome?

Time to compare … caravan or motorhome?
Thanks to the Grey Nomads and Maui, earlier in the year we had the privilege of touring Phillip Island and the Mornington Peninsula (top spots) in a Maui motorhome. Pre-trip, we checked in online, a great advantage, all paperwork sorted and there was a variety of videos to view on-line prior to the trip, they also supply a terrific vehicle overview and familiarization on pick-up. We took the Maui Platinum River that way we could have the rear double bed and our dining area setup permanently. Initially I thought the motorhome seemed huge and for the first hour or so I was super conscious of it’s height (3.25m), and width (2.82m), although the length (7.7m) didn’t bother me that much, I soon got used to it. In reality it’s way shorter than my 4WD and caravan combined, and not much wider.

Head to Head - Caravan v Motorhome

Overall we liked the Maui, it was surprisingly easy to drive and park and the fuel consumption was pretty good, better than pulling our van in a hungry 4WD. We tended to stay indoors more than we would in our van, maybe because we didn’t want to set too much up outside and so we could get away easier each day. We don’t have a toilet and shower in our van, so our normal practice of using the caravan parks facilities was continued, although we did use the combo shower and loo once or twice … we had to try it. Interestingly over the years our bed size has reduced, our tent trailers had queen size beds, our caravan is a standard double and the motorhomes rear double bed was smaller than our vans and took a night or two to get used to, but we did and it was very comfortable. As campers and caravanners, we had to throw away a few pre-conceived ideas and our normal touring habits. We normally like to get to camp earlier, set up and head off to explore the area or get supplies, in the motorhome we would do our touring, arrive later in the day, with all necessary supplies on board so we could settle in for the night. I should point out that we have a pop top caravan, I know there are bigger more luxurious vans, but I can only gauge my view on what we know and have experienced. So … is there a winner? Probably not. Everyone is different, some of us like to go off-road and live outside as much as possible, some don’t. We all get used to doing things a certain way, so having a chance to step out of our comfort zone into an extreme comfort zone was great. Will we do it again? Maybe, it just depends on where and what sort of holiday we are taking. My recommendation … hire one before buying one, it’ll definitely help your decision. Let us know your preference and why.

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