Camping in Winter

I remember when we took our first tent trailer to Katarapko Creek just off the River Murray in South Australia.
It was a June long weekend and it was ffffreeeeezing!

Unintentionally we left a cup of water out overnight, it was frozen when we got up in the morning.

Why did we bother going at that time of year and why do we still bother?

katarapkoWell, apart from the times when it rains heavily (don’t mind a bit of drizzle), we have had some of our best camping trips then. The air is crisp and clean, you can have a camp fire (my favourite part), cook in a camp oven, enjoy some great South Aussie warming beverages of the red variety and as usual, solve the problems of the world. Plus long walks to warm up, help you appreciate Australia’s natural beauty and how lucky we are.

Consider your site carefully, naturally never camp in a creek bed or on a slope where water can run into it. Watch out for big trees with limbs that could break easily.

Winter camping takes a bit more thought in preparation.

You need to dress appropriately, and that’s all about layering, plenty of thinner clothes are better than one big coat, oh and don’t forget the long johns (no one can see them and anyway who cares?). Don’t forget the bogan beany, the gloves, the waterproof coat, oh and warm socks help. Plus a couple of changes in case it does get wet.

Winter-sunset-2Think ahead and consider lighting a fire when you first arrive, before you set up the site (take your own wood), and if you’ve forgotten fire lighters apparently corn chips work.

When it’s time for bed, forget any light weight pj’s or ‘normal’ sleeping attire or lack there of.
Tracky daks work a treat and maybe get off the ground in a stretcher.
Sleeping bags have different ratings for different temperatures, so get help your favourite camping retailer to make a decision (see link below).

I saw this nifty idea on social media and thought I’d give it a go.

A terracotta pot and base from a hardware store ($4) and 3 tea light candles ($2 for 25).
Place the candles on the base and then the the pot over that, we tried 3 candles, 4 would have fitted.

Trial one, we put it under our kitchen table and guess what it worked (after a while), but keep your eyes on the candles, ours initially went out. Remember it is a flame (all be it enclosed), so take all safety precautions and don’t let the kids near it and don’t have it where it can be knocked over.
Can’t wait to try it on our next trip.

Happy winter camping, keep warm and enjoy.


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