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Glamping – Glamour Camping …
I remember when we first went camping, basic gear, tucker and a probably a six pack of beer and a cheap bottle of port.
As we ‘grew up’, we upgraded our tents, then a tent trailer and now the van. Along with that, we threw the can opener away (you can only eat so much braised steak and onions, baked beans or spaghetti) and bought a 3 legged, wood fire, portable bbq, then upgraded that to a gas bbq and now a Weber Q. Our eskies have enlarged in size and quality as we’ve gone along and now we have a camping fridge that sits in the back of the 4WD.
I remember on one occasion in the Flinders, a group of us helped my wife celebrate a birthday with dinner suits for the guys (only from the waist up) evening wear for the ladies, a long table, white table cloth, candelabra and a roast lamb on the old Weber.
That was the first time I sort of experienced glamping. Glamping is a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping. Am I in favour of it? … well sort of!
I guess we can combine caravanning and camping for this generalised term. Some holiday parks (that would be the new term for caravan park) have luxury tents, some even with en-suites, so if they help those 5 star folk get out side to experience the great out doors then that’s great. Trendy ‘vintage’ caravans are bringing back yesteryear, with a bit of class. Coffee machines are common place and we now enjoy some great, top notch South Aussie wine as our LED lighting (powered by our batteries and charged by our solar panels) light up the area. We don’t have to forego life’s little luxuries.
I love all of these glamping luxuries (especially the coffee machine) and good on the folk that do it, but I reckon the reason I like to get away from civilisation is sitting around a camp fire solving all the problems of the world, the smoke, the snags, roughing it (a bit), gazing at the stars, the silence, a bit of isolation, no mobile coverage, television free and no sound system … good old fashioned camping! What do you reckon?

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