Buying a new van at a caravan show?

Buying a new van or trailer at a caravan show? Have you got your list ready?

How many times have you gone to caravan shows and become totally confused by the great selection available?

Don’t get me wrong, I love caravan and lifestyle shows and have been to heaps.
There are so many great rigs out there, from slide-ons to 5th Wheelers.
I admit to being a bit of a tyre kicker (sorry sales guys), I’m happy with my rig, but I do like to see what is out there, keep up with the latest styles, technology, brake systems and all those terrific gadgets.

So, no need to get confused, if you are a serious buyer here’s a friendly tip make a list!

Before you go …

1: Set your budget and stick to it (take into account all ‘extras’).

2: What’s your tow vehicle and it’s towing capacity, this will limit what you can buy?

3: How will you be using your van and how often, e.g. are you going off-road or on-road?

4: Consider where you will store your pride and joy and write down any height or length restrictions.

5: How many people do you need to sleep (now and in the future)?

6: Do you need a toilet and shower?

7: What sort of ‘accessories’ do you want (or need)?

8: Solar power, generator, bike racks, coffee machine, air conditioner, washing machine, extra or

   larger refrigerator etc, find out what can be included in your ‘build’ as these are all extra weights.

9: Get a rough idea of insurance and registration costs.

10: ?

11: ?

12: ?

list-thumbAdd as many things that you can think of, by doing a bit of homework before you go, you’ll save a lot of anxiety and confusion when you get there.

Don’t forget to take the list with you!



Caravan and camping is a great lifestyle, by getting it right the first time, your holidays will be far more enjoyable.

See you at the shows!

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