Travel Cost Calculator

Travel Cost Calculator RViewWe’ve created a simple caravan and camping trip cost calculator.
An excel spreadsheet that can open in a variety of spreadsheet apps to help
you calculate fuel, accommodation, food and general expenses. 

Click on the link below to download and don’t forget to save after each entry.

RView Travel Cost Calculator

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Suspension tips for vehicles and caravans.

Here’s some suspension tips for vehicles and caravans.

G’day, Chris here.

I have the honour of belting out a few words on technical stuff for RView, and I’m certainly pleased to be part of Andrew’s vision of helping our fellow travellers get the most out of their touring plans.

First up I’m covering suspension, more so an overview to start with because it’s one of the biggest issues we see from all types and modes of touring. Be it car or 4WD, towing a van or steering a motorhome, we load them up with every conceivable accessory and convenience, and then wonder why we’ve turned our normal everyday pleasurable drive into a shopping cart with a square wheel.
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Caravan or Motorhome?

Time to compare … caravan or motorhome?
Thanks to the Grey Nomads and Maui, earlier in the year we had the privilege of touring Phillip Island and the Mornington Peninsula (top spots) in a Maui motorhome. Pre-trip, we checked in online, a great advantage, all paperwork sorted and there was a variety of videos to view on-line prior to the trip, they also supply a terrific vehicle overview and familiarization on pick-up. We took the Maui Platinum River that way we could have the rear double bed and our dining area setup permanently. Initially I thought the motorhome seemed huge and for the first hour or so I was super conscious of it’s height (3.25m), and width (2.82m), although the length (7.7m) didn’t bother me that much, I soon got used to it. In reality it’s way shorter than my 4WD and caravan combined, and not much wider. Continue reading

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Who needs 5 Stars ?????

C’mon city slickers, who needs 5 stars ?????

I reckon this is what hooked us on the great outdoors.

One of the joys of camping is the sound, just listen …………
If you are reading this is in suburbia then I suspect a car, a siren, a neighbour’s dog, a drill, something is in the background.
If you are camping, just stop reading and sit back for 30 seconds.
Let’s hope you’re not next to a river with speed boats or the bloke down the track hasn’t got his genie blasting away.
What I’m hoping you hear, is kids playing and laughing or birds chirping or the absolute sound of silence … absolute bliss … now, close your eyes, sit back and listen.

Welcome back.

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Top Spot – Lakeside in SA

Shh, keep this a secret, we have found a top spot – Lakeside in SA
I’ve got a problem … I want to tell you about a hidden gem, but don’t want this location filled with every Tom, Dick and Andrew, so if I let on, you’ll have to keep it between the two of us … OK. About 30km out of Mannum in South Australia is Lakeside, signs need a bit of repair and chances are you’ll miss the gate, but it’s worth finding. Lindsay the 70+ year-old owner potters around (in between having a chat) keeping the pristine lawn in top-notch condition (we hardly wore shoes). (Off the Purnong road from Mannum to Purnong Landing at Caurnamont). Continue reading

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First Aid thumb

Checked your first aid kit lately?

Checked your first aid kit lately?

I was packing my 4WD the other day and noticed the compartment that holds my small first aid kit.

We’ve had the vehicle about six years and it was second hand when we bought it (2001 model), so guess that makes it thirteen years old.

Thing is, I can’t remember if I checked the first aid kit when I bought it, so I opened it up. Continue reading

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Camping + Glamour = Glamping

Glamping – Glamour Camping …
I remember when we first went camping, basic gear, tucker and a probably a six pack of beer and a cheap bottle of port.
As we ‘grew up’, we upgraded our tents, then a tent trailer and now the van. Along with that, we threw the can opener away (you can only eat so much braised steak and onions, baked beans or spaghetti) and bought a 3 legged, wood fire, portable bbq, then upgraded that to a gas bbq and now a Weber Q. Continue reading

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Caravan-parks-or-free-camping THUMB-

Free Camp or Caravan Park?

S_G_0087-lakesideDo you prefer to free camp or caravan park?

Let’s face it; you can’t get much for free these days!

Free Camp … I have always been happy to go into a national park, play by the rules and pay my tiny fee for the privilege of staying overnight. There are tracks to be laid, maintenance to be done, wildlife to be protected and of-course cleaning up after some not so environmentally friendly campers.
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coffee image-2 thumbnail

Coffee Snob

I’m a coffee snob, and I’m trapped (or is the word addicted), there I’ve said it!
Coffee anonymous will be happy with me.
As tourers, caravaners or campers, there are many traps you can fall into.

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The need for speed?

Is there the need for speed?
It appears that a lot of people think it’s fine to tow a van at the same speed as when not towing.
Some people are over cautious and keep well below the limit and could cause people behind to want to overtake in dangerous situations.
In this case pull over occasionally, let others make good use of overtaking lanes. Continue reading

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When is enough, ENOUGH?

So … when is enough, ENOUGH?
I’m not talking about the government, the boss that demands more than is physically or mentally possible, the girlfriend (or boyfriend) that want’s to turn you into them, the tap that just drips, drips, drips or that neighbour that plays doof doof music all night long.

I’m talking about camping and caravanning and all that stuff that just piles up.
Now don’t get me wrong, gadgets are gooood Continue reading

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Are we there yet?

Kids on the road … are we there yet?
It’s so easy these days with modern media devices, tablets, iPods, in car DVD players, etc.

Are we there Yet?

Not knocking these devices, I have used them all, but … I also remember the good old days.
Riddle me, riddle me, re, there’s something I can see 
Are we there yet? Continue reading

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Raise The Wave

C’mon … Let’s Raise The Wave.
Yes we admit it, on those not so interesting journeys we often resort to ‘the wave’.

We’ve tried the full hand wave, the two finger raise (peace to you), even the single finger move (the polite one) and sometimes the passenger waves both hands. The good news is that about 80% of caravaners usually return a wave, provided your driving a van as well; guess the other 20% don’t understand true Aussie RV etiquette.

Interestingly on Kangaroo Island just about everyone waves, very friendly island that.
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