Are we there yet?

Kids on the road … are we there yet?
It’s so easy these days with modern media devices, tablets, iPods, in car DVD players, etc.

Are we there Yet?

Not knocking these devices, I have used them all, but … I also remember the good old days.
Riddle me, riddle me, re, there’s something I can see 
Are we there yet?
Who can see the first yellow car? … 
all these games that keep everyone’s mind busy.
So, what games, devices, books etc do you play to keep kids happy?
Do we give in to modern technology, just until we get to a top spot and then turn them off?
I researched heaps of games and must admit I like the RACV list of things to do and advise … so here it is.

Children love being active. Use the following tips to help make car trips tolerable for all family members.


  • Pack a first-aid kit specific to the age of your child. Check with your doctor what supplies you need if you are going overseas.
  • Take plenty of rest stops. Try to stop at a park/playground so the children can run and play safely.
  • To help prevent car sickness make sure your child has a clear view from the windows and hasn’t eaten a large meal or drink beforehand. Take some barley sugar along.
  • Have non-messy healthy snacks and drinks with you. Plastic drinking mugs with spouts prevent spills in the car.
  • Choose comfortable clothing for all the family to travel in and make sure it is suitable for the temperature in the car.


  • Keep the kids entertained in the car with games, puzzles and activities. Check out our pages on Car Games for Kids and Puzzle & Colouring-in sheets.
  • Help the time pass more quickly by talking and singing with the kids; playing music, a story CD or audiobook.
  • Load the car with pillows and blankets to make the drive more comfortable.
  • Your child may be bored and vying for attention through negative acts. Try praising them when they sit quietly or read a book.

Are we there yet?


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